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Personalized enrichment for kids ages 3-12

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Caresplit is Different

Caresplit Experiences are 2 to 4 hour activities designed by educators, musicians, and artists trained in leading kids’ structured play, curated to fit your schedule and your child’s interests.

Highly skilled Teachers direct in-person enrichment at your home

Lesson plans crafted for your child’s age, interests, and goals

Teachers set their own prices based on learning outcomes and necessary materials

We Value Teachers & Believe They Should Be Well-Compensated

That's why educators set their own prices when they design experiences that enrich children through inquiry and play.

Meet a Few of Our Teachers


Award-Winning Teacher, 15+ Years in Education

With Caresplit, I'm valued for being an expert in my field and for being part of the Caresplit commitment to families so that kids have meaningful, engaging, and FUN learning experiences.


Pediatric Medical Student, Former Collegiate Athlete

I get to share what I am passionate about and introduce kids to new things to spark a passion in themselves! Caresplit allows teachers to share their special something with kids and inspire them to find what they are passionate about!
matt holding book orange background


Emmy-Winning Screenwriter


Elementary Educator, 30+ Years of Experience

marsha sewing with mauve background


Fashion Designer & Seamstress


Touring Musician & Music Producer

smiling ava on green background


Musician & Early Childhood Educator


Ballerina & Certified Educator


Artist & Early Childhood Educator

teacher jon


Pro Water Skier and Kickboxer


Spanish Language Teacher


Social Emotional Learning Teacher

MattEmmy-Winning Screenwriter
CarmelElementary Educator, 30+ Years of Experience
MarshaFashion Designer & Seamstress
BrennanTouring Musician & Music Producer
AvaMusician & Early Childhood Educator
ElisabethBallerina & Certified Educator
JasmineArtist & Early Childhood Educator
JonPro Water Skier & Kickboxer
BrittanySpanish Language Teacher
AvaSocial Emotional Learning Teacher


2 to 4 hour Experiences can range from

$50 - $75+ per child

Educators set their prices which includes the cost of all materials

Caresplit charges families a fee to reliably offer high-quality enrichment

Caresplit Takes Safety Seriously

Experiences are curated for your child or group – they are private by default, and you decide who is invited to join.

You have full control over experience location, teacher vaccination status, and your preference on face coverings.

     Things to Know     

In-person enrichment, straight to your door.