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How does Caresplit find and vet teachers?

We identify and recruit individuals with prior experience leading children's activities, select for the very best ones, and perform a full background check. Caresplit interviews every single Teacher we onboard, and collects post-experience feedback from Families and Teachers so Caresplit Experiences remain consistently excellent. We take it as the highest form of praise when we hear that a child cried when their Teacher left (and we hear this quite a bit!).

What COVID protocols are in effect?

Caresplit follows the recommendations of local public health departments. During the Request process, Parents and Guardians can indicate their face covering preferences, whether they would like an experience to be held indoors or outdoors, and Teacher vaccination status. We always recommend Teachers and Families arrive to Experiences wearing face coverings, unless the local Department of Health has indicated otherwise, as everyone's personal situation and comfort-level is different.

What ages is Caresplit for?

Caresplit Experiences are for all children ages 3 - 12 years. Teachers consider the age ranges input to Experience Requests to formulate age-appropriate fun, learning, and content.

How many kids can attend each experience?

Caresplit Teachers consider your group size when they create Experiences and factor things like materials into pricing. You can request an Experience for your child alone or for a small group, and we make it easy for you to invite friends should you want to. If you're interested in a larger group Experience, like a birthday party, include this in your request and we'll work with our Teachers to make it happen!

How much lead time is needed to curate an experience?

We typically need 48 hours to fulfill your request. If you're in a pinch, text us: (855) 264-1463. We have made the magic happen on a moment's notice before, but can't always guarantee it. You may incur an additional fee, depending.

What if I need to cancel?

If you have any concern that you or your children may have been exposed to COVID-19, please notify us immediately to reschedule your Caresplit Experience so we can ensure the safety of our Teachers.

We understand things change quickly. We require a cancellation notice 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. If there is a day-of emergency, your account will be credited for a future Caresplit Experience so we can reschedule you.

How much do Caresplit Experiences cost, and what's included?

Caresplit Experiences are lesson planned to engage and enrich children for 2 to 4 hours at a time with joyful learning. The cost can range from $50 - $75 or more per child, depending on the Experience. Teachers set Experience prices and Caresplit charges a 20% fee at checkout. All materials are included in the cost of a Caresplit Experience.

What if my Experience is outside business hours and I need to reach Caresplit?

Business hours don't apply when you need to contact us during an Experience. There is always a Caresplit team member available while an Experience is underway. Once your Experience is booked, 24 hours before the Experience starts you will receive a reminder text linking you to Caresplit's contact phone number and a way to reach the Teacher.

Does Caresplit do birthday parties and events?

Yes! While not all Caresplit Teachers are game for a party, some of our educators certainly enjoy bringing their enthusiasm for children's group activities to a festive occasion. Children's birthdays, special events for families, company off-sites and picnics, all go even smoother when paired with Caresplit Experiences for the kids.

Can I invite other families with kids to join an experience?

Of course! If you know before booking who else will be joining and would like to pay separately, we can send Experience details and payment links to each family. If you've booked for your child and later decide to invite a friend, you'll have a link to a webpage to share with others where they'll be able to learn more about the Experience you've booked, and join!

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